Four hands


From her childhood in Senegal, she has fond memories of family dishes that she loved to revisit by adding her personal touch. She is self-taught and inquisitive, she took on various sous-chef roles in quick succession and thus very rapidly refined her knowledge of gastronomic cuisine.


This graduate of the Ecole Centrale Paris with a passion for cooking founded the ‘Voyages Gourmets’ club in 2013. A true invitation to travel, over the course of many different sessions, the club’s fifty or so members were able to discover menus composed of six unique, innovative and moving creations.

The perfect teaM

Eugénie and Philippe have a shared love of cooking, and a complementary background and approach: they love good quality produce, and dishes that are bursting with flavours. Their cuisine is sincere and very refined. This culinary exchange gave rise to a mixed, precise and surprising cuisine: they create a culinary laboratory, combining fresh products grown on their balcony and modern techniques, testing out the perfect pairing for each combination.

The birth of Sequana

More and more dinners, the club grew bigger and the childhood dream became a promise to keep: they would open their own gastronomic restaurant. They found a magnificent location at the historic heart of Paris, on the Île de la Cité, and gave it a simple, refined name in line with their cuisine: Sequana, the name of the nymph associated with the source of the Seine and the river’s former name.